No Woolworths!

Date: 5/14/2017

By Palomino

I was in the mall. I had two cartons of cat litter I had been told to exchange at Woolworths. Various people kept telling me Woolworths was at the other end of the mall. I kept saying I knew that wasn't right but no one listened. I passed a young man who was talking to his friend about basketball. He was saying Dean Smith had won one national championship, in 1992. I stopped and corrected him rather sharply. He seemed alarmed at suddenly getting a lecture on basketball history from an irritated lady struggling with two giant cat litter cartons. Next I saw Noah and his daddy on one of the mall couches. Noah was cutting up paper and kept laughing and hitting himself in the face with the scissors. His father was on his phone and didn't notice. I stopped to help until JJ got back. I told her what had happened and that I hadn't wanted to tell her husband he was an idiot. She said next time I should do just that. I was still carrying the heavy cat litter cartons. JJ helped me load them on a cart and said she'd walk with me to Woolworths. I tried to tell her there was no Woolworths in the mall but she insisted there was. I stood and watched as she went into JCPenney, mumbling to herself, "Maybe Woolworths is this way."