gif movie

Date: 3/19/2017

By deepa

so something likw im with geo walking in a mall and we meet my one friend and we get separated for a while and in this while she sits me down and almost shows me an entire robin williams movie and i can see geo somewhere opposite and im thinking omg i cant make him wait for 2 hours so i kinda stop her even tho i was so hesitant and we meet him and somehow they both want me to bring them to my house so we can watch it on my tv but like... im thinking nah my sisters home and theyre saying why not they will pretend to be a couple so its not weird. but i say nope. not sure what happened. anyway later on.. there smth with me being a pro domino effect thing like ive this competitor and we both throw balls around rndom things and see who gets the full set to fall or most to fall and i win most of the time. the last game we had there was a really old nokia phone being used and yea i got the whole set after like 60 tries and it was funny. another scene was a slow zoom out of a very nics temple at the toppest of tops and there were people from the other sode of the mountain stairs thing who are just Running so fast down through these steep slopes and ladies with heels are also just crazy running down these steep slopes and noone falls by the way even tho i cant explain to u how steep thwy were.. thsyre all running to catch the prayer session in time idk and another block of it was hay and kids were jumping in there and trying to run, also steeply, to get to the bottom its insane! and some of them almost get trapped cus its..hay but they somehow waddle out..its a mess... another dream omg was smth like me and my sister try to hit on the same guy selling us coffee but hes like illiterate or smth. ok before that there was somethign with boxes.. or like minecraft dirt boxes.. and im plucking them out and the last one had this coffee guy and his dog just huddled down there afraid. ok so now me and my sister are drinking the coffee somehow we r somewhere else in some house with some girls and they are grtting ready to go somewhere i think i start watcjing a gif but its a whole movie in there and everytime i miss something i tell myself i cant rewind it snd i get rly stressed cus i want to see the sex scene hahaha so while the redt head out i just run up to my bed.