Awesome Lucid Dream

Date: 4/8/2017

By amandalyle

I had all this reddy/orange cement in my mouth. I tried to spit it out into the bathroom sink but what looked like a bit of metal flew out of my mouth along with it. I then realised my two front teeth were false and were held in by this metal that wrapped around my other teeth keeping them in place. "Oh no! What am I going to do now?!" I gasped, as the metal hurdled down the drain and my teeth became loose. I then realised, within my dream, that I must be dreaming because I have all my natural teeth in reallife and this is one of my 'dream signs'. I am dreaming!" I told myself and then I was suddenly transported to what looked like a huge shopping mall with Mario-type bricks floating in the air. I had to bounce on top of them in order to get to the other side of the room. I was aiming for heaven because I wanted to see my father, and so I kept bouncing on these bricks, upwards, towards the sky. The bricks then turned into clouds and I heard a voice calling my name. "Amanda, over here!" It yelled. It was my dad. I recognised his voice. I couldn't see him in the physical form, but I could hear him. I remember having a conversation with him, but can't exactly recall the details. I then turned into volcanic ash/fire and shot right out of a volcano at the speed of lightening. My whole body (that wasn't a body at all) quaked in euphoria. It was the most amazing feeling.