The One Where the Birds Turn Into Mice

Date: 5/16/2019

By nicolezdzieba

I’m sitting on a bed with Andie and Eric, who is rolling around and giggling as we catch him ... I’m with Nicole, watching her write a bad review for the wedding that we sang at (which is actually happening in real life) because he said we didn’t do a good job ... I’m trying to show Blane how I play my bass, but I keep switching from lefty to righty ... It’s nighttime, and Brody, Renee and I are driving down Ocean Ave on our way to BurgerFi (because it’s the only thing open late enough). Renee comments on how she’s glad it’s just the three of us ... We end up in a Publix parking lot during the day, and I find a box of baby birds (which I apparently left there). Some are hatched and wrapped in a paper towel, and some are in the process of hatching. Renee and I decide to take them home because it’s cold outside and we want to warm them up. We try to keep this information from my dad, who walks out of Publix. Renee tips over the box, and some of the birds fall on the ground — but now they’re mice. I know my dad is going to freak out, and he starts to scold us as one of the mice starts running away. I tell him that God created the mice, so he should love them ... We end up in a home office, looking at a bookshelf and talking about the song “So Will I.”