Awoke talking loudly!!Journaling 'Old' Dreams #6400Terrorists (2015-16?)

Date: 7/26/2019

By Mrs.Posterity

I woke up saying loudly... "Sixty-four hundred! Confirm sixty-four hundred (of them)." I was in a desert. Perspective: aerial. (Probable unmanned, as I could not see my hands, any controls, or reflections). Desert: light colored sand in the moonlight. Darker stone (deep brownish-red) showing through in some spots. I talked to someone I could hear, and not see. "6400. Confirm... sixty-four hundred of them." I could see two small pickup trucks. One says TOYOTA on the back. Both whitish or light colored. Between the two empty trucks, there is a dark colored rock walkway that is partially hidden under the sand. I see that it is a bldg with the top sticking out a little. The machine tells me the number of live humans nearest those coordinates. I get higher in the air and look past the dark rock walkway/partially buried roof drops off in a U shape outwards, a little more open towards the right. There are some trees/foliage of some sort. Possibly some dark tents. It was hard to see in the moonlight down a drop off. I then went higher into the air and flew away. Next, I was in a bldg. I went into a hallway-like room that was wider with a counter the length of it. It was padded and lit like an old telephone room in a hospital or library. I wrote down the coordinates. As I wrote, I mentally zeroed it out in my mind, (to keep it safer somehow?). I walked out of the room and around a corner. There was a soldier with short blondish hair, dressed in lighter military camo that walked towards me. We stretched our arms out and I handed him the coordinates. We exchanged a look of acknowledgement. I started to hear a woman's voice. I could hear it getting louder and louder.... I realized it was my voice and woke up to my husband asking me what was going on. I woke up saying, "There are sixty-four hundred of them in there." "Sixty-four hundred what?" My husband asked. "Terrorists. Bad guys. 6400." I said.