A Mosh pit, A Vending Machine Mishaps and Five Seconds of Lucid Swimming 🏊‍♀️

Date: 9/18/2019

By amandalyle

I was at the beach where a group of us were all surfing but trying to do gymnastics at the same time. We were being filmed as we each took a turn. I did a few backflips and everyone seemed impressed. When we watched it back on video, it was in slow motion and it was animated and looked really cool. Afterwards, I met my husband in the rock pool and my kids were jumping around. They kept going near the deep bits and giving me a mini heart attack. “Keep away!” I told them. My husband started talking to an old neighbour from his village. He was telling her how much he missed home and that being away has made him feel homesick and want to come back to live in the West Country. His neighbour said she had a similar experience when she had gone off to university, many moons ago. Overhearing their conversation, I asked “so you finally want to move back to the West Country then?” He paused for a moment and then replied “Nah, of course not... I was only messing!” I remember feeling deflated and sad. I was watching his neighbours two little granddaughters. They were pulling each other’s hair out and wanting to do the same to my husband. When we got out of the rock pool, we made our way back down these huge sand dunes. The boys were riding their bikes down them at full speed and having a whale of a time. A hot guy, with his T-shirt off, then passed by and I mistakenly mistook him for Mat (my husband) and awkwardly jumped on his back. His girlfriend stood nearby and didn’t like this one bit. Noticing my mistake, I jumped back off again but felt mightily embarrassed. My mother-in-law then crept up beside me and kept reminding me of my mistake. “Fuck off!” I muttered under my breath. When we got back to the house, I realised that Phoebe’s boyfriend was still there (He had probably left his massive flipper feet shoes by the front door!) Mat wanted to have sex with me and kept making moves, but we only had a slither of a screen between us for modesty made rather artistically out of dead bugs. “Let’s wait for the kids to go to bed!” I insisted. As I walked upstairs to say goodnight to my daughter, I could hear her kissing her boyfriend really loudly. “Oh gross!” I thought, sick forming in the back of my throat. Next scene; Me and some friends had gatecrashed some random persons wedding. It looked like the reception was in some kind of garden centre. It was all a bit ‘tacky’ and looked like it had all been thrown together last minute. I waved to my friend Terri who was sat on this wooden bench with my friend kylie. Terri was wearing this lovely gold dress and Kylie was wearing mint green. Another person joined us, too, but I didn’t recognise her. She was wearing these gold shoes that were about 5 sizes to small for her. They looked bizarre with her outfit, but the others were very complimentary, so I went along with them. The music started playing so we all joined in the fun. But then it suddenly changed to screaming death metal and everyone started to form a mosh pit. “Let’s just get drunk and chat to random people!” I yelled over the music, clinking glasses with some new friends. I noticed that a lot of these guys had big boils all over their skin. They told me they weren’t contagious, but I couldn’t help but back away from them....which was hard going, being in a mosh pit and all. They kept bashing into me, their skin coming so close to mine. Panicked, I discovered a way out of the mosh pit but then realised that I had completely lost my friends. I was now feeling a bit anxious and felt ridiculously out of place. I walked outside to find my friends gathered around a drinks vending machine. The door was open and, to my surprise, my friend kylie had climbed in. She was sat in a bucket of ice, butt naked with a now growing audience around her, taking photos of the act. “What are you doing?” I laughed. “I was sweating my tits off in there, kiddo!” She replied. “I had to cool down!”. (Gaining lucidity) I woke briefly and fell back asleep but was aware that I was in a dream. I was back at the previous dream destination but had imagined a huge outdoors swimming pool. I dived into it, water engulfing me as I swam deep down under. It felt so real and I could hear the water in my ears, but as I swam up to the surface again, I woke up! Argh! Next scene; I had broken into this friend of a friends house. I remember going into his bedroom and rummaging through all of his things to discover that there were female items in this room, too. I came to the conclusion that he must have a girlfriend now. I then heard shouting coming from down the hallway and I realised that he was on his PlayStation with a friend. “Shit!” I thought, “I’d better get out of here!”. I tried to sneak out as stealthily as I could and only just managed it before the door slammed behind me and I made a run for it. Awhile later, I received a phone call from him and it sounded like he was crying. “What’s wrong?” I asked. “You’ve messed up my recovery!” He sobbed. I had no idea what he was going on about but was scared that he was hinting that he knew about my secret prying sesh. The phone line cut out and I heard no more about it. I logged onto the internet to find out, but this girl and guy kept bombarding me with notifications to join their chat room. “What is this?” I thought , “the 1990’s?!”