Getting Chased by a Killer

Date: 1/31/2019

By Shonna

I dreamt that I was in the house with Jeremiah when he mentioned how the neighbors found a dead body in their yard. Within the next few days I looked outside I saw a girl that had her legs cut off of her. I pulled down the bonds and locked all the doors. I remember trying to call 911 over and over. All the phones are down and no one would answer me. Her body said outside for at least a day. Grandmother came over to check to see if the body was still alive. I told her not to get around it otherwise you would ruin the evidence. Turn the light. Finally the emergency line picked up. We still waited a long time until they came and got the body. I was scared to look outside. Once everyone left and I was by myself I heard someone trying to open our door. I looked back and saw a short man with bald hair he started chasing me through the house. I busted out a window I jumped out of my house. I ran as fast as I could to the neighbors yard. I never met them before I didn't have time to knock on the door I just ran inside. I was crying and told him that I was being chased by a man that killed two women. The police caught him so I had to sign a written statement of what happened. What's that an interview room at the police station. The Killer sat in front of me. Investigator asked me if I wanted to leave. I told him no because I wanted to look in the killer's eyes and asked why he did this. I kept asking over and over he wouldn't give me a reply. He finally told me that he just like to kill. Then I woke up.