World Book Day, An Underground Burial and an Oddball Manager

Date: 3/12/2017

By amandalyle

I had over-slept my alarm and was shocked to see that it was 10 minutes to 9. I was panicking that I was going to be late dropping the kids off at school. I asked My mother-in-law to get the boys dressed for school whilst I got ready myself. It was world book day and I had the boys outfits planned. I went into my daughter's room and asked why she wasn't ready for school. She was still in bed. "I'm not doing it!" She sobbed. "I'll look like a fool!". "You need to go to school, Phoebe!" I ordered, but she didn't listen and she stayed in bed crying. When I walked down to the school and caught up with boys, I saw that my mother-in-law had put them in completely different outfits to the ones I had picked out. She had dressed Alex in a Tom Thumb outfit (with a plaster on his thumb) but with no shoes! "What about his shoes?" I asked. "He'll get too cold!" "No he won't!" She snapped! "I never wore shoes when I was at school !" - "Yeah, but you grew up in Kenya!" I sighed. When I picked the boys up from school, Alex was wearing some daps. "The teachers must think I'm a Terrible mother!" I thought. As we walked home, I accidentally knocked a kid clean off his bike with my huge handbag. This bloody handbag is always getting me into trouble. If I'm not knocking bottles off the shelves, it'll be... umm... small kids on bikes. He started to cry so I apologised profusely, picked him back up and dusted him off. Next scene: I was with Kylie at some kind of cultural burial. There was a dead body in the ground and a group of people hovered over it. There was an Indian lady who Kylie had a falling out with. The Indian lady said that she didn't like my friend, but she thought I was an inspiration. "Aww, thanks!" I blushed "Now, can you two please make friends now? This is silly!" Kylie shook her head and huffed like a horse with a fly up its nose. The Indian woman rolled her eyes and walked off. Next scene; I was walking up a flight of stairs with a blonde girl I didn't recognise. She was telling me how she was turning 30 soon, and I said she looked much younger. We were on our way to a job interview. At the interview, I found the manager to be a complete oddball. He was this blonde eccentric bodybuilder who seemed to have a screw loose (He reminded me of 'Bear' from American Pie: The Wedding) He handed me over all this dodgy paperwork that made no sense. It's like he wanted me to sign my life away. "I Don't have a good feeling about this!" I told him. "Aaaah no. It's much better now!" He said. "Now that I've taken over and my old manager has left!" He then scooped me off the ground and carried me 'like a baby' over to the reception desk. "You can put me down now!" I said, feeling my cheeks flush. "Okay, as long as you sign on the dotted line!" He said. I was DOOMED.