Mom mirror

Date: 7/5/2019

By Cisntdead

We were driving down the highway on the way to “Walmart” in a van. I was in the back/trunk and Brody was next to baron in the second and there was an old guy driving. We stopped and played a basketball game and I won so brody was driving I sat next to baron in the second and the old guy was laying in the back. Baron gave me his hoodie with a peach on it. We made it to dunams to get a love letter for Brody, which he never got. We went to leave and Brody starting screaming cause my mom wasn’t coming but then a loud noise happened. My mom ran into a mirror, became it, then shattered. My mom in my brain told me I had to tell brody I loved him, so I kissed and said I loved him. And my mom came back together, made us turn around, and then became a baby. We then had to freeze her for a year then she’d become an adult.