Naked Lucid Dreaming

Date: 7/31/2017

By amandalyle

I woke up (in my dream) and was in my house. I walked downstairs and went out into the garden. Here, I spot my neighbour lying on the grass stoking her... cat. I thought this was a bit strange, as she's never usually goes out in her garden. Then, some music came on (Bruno mars) and I went back into the house to try and turn it off. I was having trouble with the buttons and kept effing and blinding. In the end, I whacked it and it turned off. (Thankfully) it was at this point, I realised I was in a lucid dream. I don't have an old skool cassette player in my kitchen! I could feel myself getting excited and even did a little tap dance. "I'm lucid dreaming... oh yeah!" The next thing I knew, there was a scene change, and I was now in a supermarket ... stark naked. My husband, Mat, was giving me a piggy back ride but I told him I wanted to get down because my... 'lady parts' were being tickled by his hair. He put me down on the ground and then I took to the sky, flying loops around the supermarket (naked!). It felt liberating and free... but then I got a little overexcited and woke up. (Booo!) Later on that night, I had another dream... I was on this train with my mother. We were in her hometown of Salisbury and it must have been Halloween. As the train trundled on, we could see Halloween characters walking around outside in what looked like an American neighbourhood. There were all sorts of creepy characters walking around and waving to us. "The kids would love this!" I told her. But then I realised I was sat next to these foreign people and one guy kept stoking my leg. I felt intimated and I grabbed my bag a little closer. "I hope he doesn't rob me!" I thought. When I looked down, I could see that there were massive rips in my jeans and you could now see my legs through them. I quickly tried to pull them back together, with little success. I didn't want the foreign guys to see my underwear.