Date: 1/23/2017

By boogieman85

Nazi book. Thousand years old. A couple were reading it; it was a conscious book that warned about two spies visiting the couple on behalf of the forces of good. The spies were a rat and a pile of leaves, approaching the couple through a sewer. The nazi book gave the warning and the couple flushed the spies to their death. The spies died gracefully, calmly. Needed somewhere to live. Went to investigate the guardian property scene. Saw a vast crowd of property guardians gathered. How this has grown with the crisis, I thought. a system where the guardians wrote on vast blackboards outside the houses they were looking for. nothing was registered as 'available.' the available property was not named due to a system I didn't understand. a woman started to lecture us about how privelege we all were to have smartphones; the crowd booed.