Date: 3/18/2017

By deepa

so i guess an earlier dream is about geo and i walking thru some really damp neighbourhood with a Lpt of stray cats and im holding his hat and a towel? or smth and we r making our way to the cinema or a mall or snth and when we r reaching im thinking FUVK WHERES the things i was holding and hes visibily upset so i start backtracking and ask him to wait. i eventually find the hat but not the towel and im running back to catch him like running so fast in all the puddles and slippery bits even tho i Know im gonna fall and break my face. hes talking to two people when i get there and cant rememher what happens from there. the other dream was smth like me and two other chicks and one guy were maybe held captive sort of thing? i think one o fthem might be klaudia. anyway she tells me that the guy whos with us is her new like love interest or something but its common agreemebt that hes single... idk she goes in detail to say how she likes the way we kiss which we see later in the dream ehich is gross cus his lips perk up like two tongues its so weird and she stops the other chick from kissing him. this other chick has the weirdest most complex looking heel shoe. ok so basically there was a story for our captivity but i kinda forgot.. i think they chose to kill everyone except one person this one person who would go to some cave or smth called no.3 to solve the big puzzle and i think it was me for a brief min and then the guy. also this 4some thing had potential to become an orgy but didnt Rly happen. basicslly the rest of us got an injection that caused our legs to give way first and then rest of our body and this was done in another waiting room or smth.. and this is where i figure out how the heel sort of worked. i also had like a vision thing or like i was in a minecraft game and i was running so fast to get to the cave no.3 but i couldnt go in any further cus i was restricted or smth.. idk.....